Flying With Eagles holds Native American Youth Evaluation and Training Events wherever they are deemed necessary to access, explore, inform and educate Native American youth and adults regarding the solutions for the increasing problematic areas they face in today’s world.


 1. Identify problems of those participating Native American youth from their perspective as it relates to drug, alcohol and substance abuse along with physical and sexual abuse.

2. Evaluate the depth and source of the problem.

3. Identify intervention services to combat these problems by overcoming the source of the problem and the perceived solution.

4. Implement methods to address appropriate counseling services in local areas and on a regional basis.

5. Attempt to identify the cause of the suicide attempts among the Native American youth in the area.

6. Locate and recruit participation in the development and correctional programs from positive role models from the local surrounding Native American community.

7. Develop participation in the programs by Native American youth utilizing a peer guidance and community support program.

Flying With Eagles, Inc., is registered in Pennsylvania as a not for profit corporation. Flying With Eagles,Inc., is a public charity exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.