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“It really helped me out on all the troubles I have had in my life.” – Flying With Eagles Participant

 Indian children are more likely to be abused, see their mothers being abused, and live in a household where someone is controlled by drugs or alcohol. They have the highest rates of emotional and physical neglect and are more likely to be exposed to trauma. Their capacity to function and to regroup before the next emotional or physical assault diminishes with each missed opportunity to intervene. These youth often make the decision to take their own lives because they feel a lack of safety in their environment.

 Native American teens take their own lives at more than two times the rate of any other teen demographic in the United States, according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Twenty-two percent have a family member who they are aware attempted or completed suicide. Some 1,540 of these youth (11%) reported they personally knew someone who had committed suicide. And, ten percent of the Native American Youth responding to a study by the University of Minnesota indicated they consumed at least three drinks of alcohol a day.

 The Flying With Eagles program has been developed over years and focuses on a peer-to-peer Native American youth leadership format. The program is culturally sensitive to Native American traditions. Community-wide interventions are rooted in tribal cultural and customs and have been developed to effectively deal with the profound stress and depression experienced by Native American Youth.

 Flying With Eagles plays a vital role in developing and implementing a mechanism which helps remedy the problem and induces positive prevention. It enhances the image youth have of themselves in present day society.

 Your tax-deductible donation will enable us to continue the training programs and workshops tailored specifically to the Native American culture and towards elevating the self-esteem of the youth.

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