Flying With Eagles, Inc., is a Pennsylvania not-for-profit corporation, recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization with exemption status effective March 30, 2007. Click here to download a copy of our certification.

The program grew out of an understanding that people who have a strong sense of self and Spirit are strong enough to face life with hope. They embrace their dreams. They cherish their traditions. They are able to love and be loved. They reject alcohol, drugs and suicidal urges.


They are poised to serve as powerful role models who can and do have a profound influence on their peers.

In the context of the Native American spiritual tradition, Flying With Eagles teaches teen participants how to spot signs of substance abuse, how to approach peers they are concerned about, and how to talk with them about their options.

Many participants have grown to become peer leaders and presenters of the program.

What Makes Flying With Eagles Different?

Flying With Eagles is All Native, from its day-to-day operations to its adult leaders who provide the youth peer leadership training and oversee the program.

And finally, the youth participants are All Native as well.

Other entities go to Indian communities, most with good intentions. Some present their programs as a solution when in fact they are actually researching data for yet another study on what’s wrong with Native youth.  And, once they’ve finished their visit, they take their professionals and leave.  All too often there isn’t any type of follow up or continuing support in place.

When Flying With Eagles leaves a community, the resources – the youth peer leaders – remain. They continue the work in the communities.  And they have back-up support from youth peer leaders in other communities, and layered below those youth are certified Native American counselors and educators.


This is what makes Flying With Eagles different – very different.

Flying With Eagles is the only program of its kind that:

  • Develops youth as peer leaders and “counselors”
  • Leaves youth in leadership roles to continue working with the youth community after the program is complete
  • Has an Indian staff and all Indian counselors
  • Integrates traditions into the program
  • Makes a hotline available for the youth peer leaders for support from other youth peer leaders or Native American adult counselors and educators
  • Works for you in locating the program funds outside of the reservation

Flying With Eagles youth peer counselors are neither licensed nor credentialed. But they can and do play a valuable role in prevention.